Monday, March 30, 2009

Yesterday is gone, today is here.

I guess you could say life is what you make of it. Finding out a friend wants to commit suicide really makes you stop and think about everything in your life. Yesterday after hearing this tragic information, we found that this person was within a few miles of our house with a loaded gun in his hands sitting in the cab of his truck. The snow was coming down hard, and it was cold. Our search began, down every side road, and in any secluded area. We searched for hours until he was finally located. After the 3 hour stand off, he finally surrendered and was immediately taken down by police and taken away in their car.
Looking into this person's eyes as he passed by sent a cold chill down my spine, and is once again imprinted in my mind, instantly bringing things from the past back into motion. The cold, dark, empty look of anger, defeat, and vengence. One can only hope that something, or someone will say or do the right things to turn those feelings around, and hopfully help him regain the want for life.
Be carful what you say, because sometimes, you only get one chance.